1 Litre Empty Laundry Detergent Refill Bottle


Want to reduce your plastic use? Invest in our eternity laundry detergent refill bottle. This beautifully designed aluminium reusable bottle was created to look great in your laundry space. This eternity bottle is the perfect place to store and refill your plastic free laundry detergent

What makes this special? 

  • Zero waste sustainable bottle 
  • Family approved material (won't smash if dropped)
  • Its chic design in a neutral tone mean it will match most interiors

We hope this bottle will stay with you for a lifetime, but should you ever want to, this infinitely recyclable bottle has the highest rate of successful curbside recycling compared to its glass or plastic laundry refill bottle counterparts. 

Want to boost your wellbeing whilst being more sustainable? Buy our aromatherapy driven Monte Carlo eco Laundry detergent or save 35% by buying the the entire refillable laundry starter kit

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