1 Litre Empty Refillable Fabric Conditioner bottle


Looking for a reusable bottle for your zero waste fabric conditioner? Buy our sustainably focused refillable laundry bottle for your fabric softener. Its neutral tones and minimal design make it a great decorative laundry dispenser you'll be proud to put out on display. 

What makes this special? 

  • Zero waste bottle to support your eco laundry routine
  • Family approved material (won't break into pieces if dropped)
  • Can be treated as a laundry space accessory to accompany your decor

We hope you will use this bottle forever, but should you decide not to, aluminium has the highest rate of successful curbside recycling compared to its glass or plastic bottle counterparts. 

Want to treat yourself to an aromatherapy focused zero waste cleaning product? Why not also buy our Monte Carlo eco friendly fabric softener refill, or save 35% by ordering the complete refillable laundry starter kit.

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