Empty Refill Bottle - Body Lotion


Alleviate single use plastic from your bathroom by purchasing our lotion refill bottle. Made from aluminium, this sustainable option has been designed to look beautiful in your home.

What makes this special? 

  • Zero waste sustainable bottle 
  • Bathroom-safe material (won't smash if dropped)
  • The neutral colour tone and minimalist design make it the perfect accessory for any interior-led space.

We hope our eternity bottles will be used for a lifetime, but should you ever want to, aluminium bottles have the highest rate of being recycled, especially when compared to their glass or plastic bottle counterparts. 

Want some extra indulgence? Order our award-winning Santorini Organic body lotion set which includes this bottle and get 20% off. Or save 25% by buying the entire body care set which features the bottle

200ml capacity

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