Sustainability is at the heart of every decision we make. Our refillable home and body care solutions strive to tackle the one of the greatest challenges currently facing our planet; the overconsumption of plastic waste.

With just 9% of plastic ever produced being recycled and a UN report warning that by 2050 our oceans are likely to have more plastic than fish, we carefully considered the best ways to tackle this problem:


  • Aluminium refillable bottles: these can be used indefinitely unlike plastic which can often seep into liquids over time or with sun exposure. Aluminium is also infinitely recyclable and has one of the highest recycling rates vs plastic & glass
  • Pouch refills – these reduce plastic consumption by 51% when compared to their bottle counterparts. To ensure that we are circular in our use of plastic, we provide customers with a prepaid envelope to send us the pouches back to guarantee they are recycled correctly through our partnership programme. To reduce our carbon footprint, we insist that there are a minimum of 5 pouches collected when posted to us



We use paper and recycled paper only for our packaging


Biodegradable formulas

All of our formulas are biodegradable and are safe for aquatic life.